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It's time for a change. For far too long women everywhere have felt dread when shopping for swimwear. Fun in the sun is supposed to be a time of freedom and enjoyment. But  so many of us spend our days on the beach self-consciously fighting our insecurities and avoiding the critical gaze of others. Even those of us with unmatched confidence when fully clothed, can end up feeling exposed and timid with current swimwear options. 

 We had to ask ourselves, why? Swimwear  construction and options  haven't changed much over the past few  decades. And in spite of the fact that women come in all shapes and sizes, most swim items do very little to embrace, accentuate and celebrate our curves. The Sculpting Maillot one-piece uses technology &  design elements  usually reserved for shapewear and foundation garments to lift, hold, & smooth you're curves for a completely new swimwear experience.

If you've ever felt hyper aware of your body at the beach or hastened to lose 10 or 20lbs before vacation, this swimsuit might be the most exciting discovery of the year.

Welcome to better days in the sun.

We're just going to say it. Swimwear shopping notoriously sucks! Journalist and fitness enthusiast Catherine Bongiorno wrote, "The very thought of wearing a bathing suit brings on a wave of nausea and intense anxiety." That may sound dramatic but according to a recent survey, over half of women share her sentiments. In everyday life we use bras, shapewear, leggings and the like to offer support and give us a boost of confidence. Yet when nearly naked at the beach, we are forced to expose our self-proclaimed flaws in front of friends and strangers alike. It's no wonder many of us hide beneath our cover-ups or towels and shutter at the thought of a family photo. But we're on a mission to change that. Keep reading...

Our Sculpting Maillot one-piece out performs our competitors across the board in DD+ bust support, waist minimizing compression, back & side smoothing technology PLUS complimentary style lines.

Leading competitor swimsuit

Our leading competitors utilize old construction that has been circulating the industry for years. The boxy silhouette doesn't follow the actual shape of a curvy body and does nothing to highlight or accentuate our curves. In addition, the style lines give women a more boxy/square appearance while the bulky foam cups offer no real support and create an odd, unnatural breast shape.

The Sculpting Maillot by Girl In Flux

The Sculpting Maillot was designed specifically to lift your bust like your everyday bra, and support your curves like your favorite shaper. Made with modern, sexy style lines on the outer shell, the inner layer features a full 3-piece cup bra, 360° compression, and front and back shaping panels- all comprised in a breathable powermesh fabric. By weaving shapewear elements into our swimwear, we've finally created a one-piece that gives us the confidence to play and be free at the beach.

 When it comes to fit, we don't flux around.

3-Piece Bra for DD+ Bust Support

The inner bra lifts and supports your bust just like your everyday foundation wear. Our 3-piece cup construction was made to support cups up to a 40F.

Wide Bottom Bra Band

Most women mistakenly believe that a well supported bust comes from your bra straps. In actuality, it's all in the band. A true lifted bust is achieve through a structured cup supported by a form fitting bottom bra band. A skimpy band puts all the pressure on the straps which digs into your shoulders and causes discomfort. The Sculpting Maillot gets it right.

Front and Back Shaping Panels

Our re-imagined base layer has waist shaping imbedded in the seams. The combination offers maximum hold without being uncomfortable. So you can keep after your littles and still hold everything in place.

360° Comfort Compression

Most swimwear claiming tummy control uses a powermesh lining in the front only. The Sculpting Maillot base layer is comprised of breathable powermesh in the front and back for 360° compression that not only secures your tummy, but minimizes your waist and smooths out your back. 

Unmatched shaping & support for unmatched confidence at the beach.

Whether it's a vacation to someplace tropical, or a 5 minute walk to the community pool, you deserve to feel sexy, confident and completely free in your swimsuit. 

Ready to try it for yourself? Click HERE to shop your size and see how The Sculpting Maillot changes the way you see yourself in swimwear!

From the founder.

Body image has always been a hard topic for me. As the chubby girl all my life, my self confidence and weight has fluctuated between highs and lows year after year. Then just when I had finally embraced my curves - I became a mom of two and had to relearn how to fall in love with my body all over again.

 I saw beautiful IG Influencers baring it all on the gram, and plus-sized models rocking string bikinis without pause. My own body shaming evolved into shame about body shaming. It became a never ending cycle that consumed way too much of my time and extracted all the joy from moments that were meant to be some of the happiest of my life.

 In 2019 I decided to find my own way to confidence. In my daily life, I used a bunch of tools to help me step into myself. Makeup, nails, sometimes hair extensions, shapewear, bras, etc... Depending on the day I used all of them or none of them to boost my confidence and change the way I saw myself in the mirror. Why couldn't I do the same when it came to swimwear?

 The Sculpting Maillot was created for women like you and I. Women that love their bodies (most of the time at least) but feel most comfortable and secure with a great foundation piece. I truly hope The Sculpting Maillot changes your experiences at the beach or pool and makes you feel just as beautiful as you really are.


Our Sculpting Maillot one-piece has maximum support. NOT maximum coverage. Creating a swimsuit that's sexy while still checking all the boxes in fit, form and function are what make it an absolute game changer!